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Lost and Found


Lost and Found

Directed by Mary Evert and Anna Warrick
Produced by Brenda Townsend

Performance Dates: April 13-22, 2012

This engaging musical retelling of the biblical parable of The Prodigal Son explores the priceless relationships within a family revealing… Read More »

Prairie Lights


Prairie Lights

Directed by Deborah Zimmer
Produced by Gwyn Evert and Laura Brehm

Performance Dates: Nov 4 – 20, 2011

ASL performance Saturday,  Nov 12 at 2pm
Sponsored by Drs Hollee’ & Chaz Rhinehart and San Diego Catering and Delivery

This holiday musical tells the story of a Jewish brother and sister who journey west from New York on an orphan train in 1905 to a tiny Nebraska town, Wellspring, as the town is preparing for Christmas and Hanukkah is approaching.