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Directed by Chris Hall
Produced by Richard Brousil and Kevin Jones

A musical fable suggested by the memoirs of Gypsy Rose Lee.

The Weir

The Weir

Directed by Dick Gant
Produced by Gretchen Pili

A weir, a small dam, holds back water much as many social occasions hold back our real feelings and prevent the free flow of communication. Once the weir is breached, however, there is no telling where the water will go.

In a small pub in the Northwest of Ireland, a few regulars greet a local land owner and a woman from Dublin who has bought a house from him. They banter and spar verbally with each other. Then one of the men tells a strange story about the house that the woman has just bought.

Once started, the storytelling flows rapidly, each one becoming stranger. Then the woman surprises the men with a story of her own. The barriers come down, and real comradeship develops.

Winnie The Pooh

Winnie The Pooh

Directed by Chris Hall
Produced by Brenda Townsend

The musical story of A.A. Milne’s beloved storybook character.


From Bed To Worse

showlogo-frombedtoworseFrom Bed to Worse

Directed by Jim Clevenger
Produced by Peggy Schneider

Cynthia Wells is having an affair! She’s seeing her therapist Mary Cannon to help her cope with her feelings. But…she’s not quite ready to reveal everything. So whenever she tells Mary about her lover, she describes one of her clients who happens to be a dentist…and Mary’s husband! Mary’s no dummy and quickly figures out who Cynthia is talking about. She plots, plans and conspires a trap to catch them inflagrante delicto and that’s when the fireworks and the funnies start to fly.

From Bed to Worse was written by local playwright and therapist Peggy Dougherty.

Why Do Heroes Have Big Feet?

Why Do Heroes Have Big Feet?showlogo-whydoheroeshavebigfeet

Directed by Kat Perhach
Produced by Chris Hall

These stories are more than just tall tales and costumes. These stories speak of lessons. Sharing, loving, caring and growing through the good and the bad decisions all seen and translated through a Read More »

Inspecting Carol

Inspecting Carolshowlogo-inspectingcarol

Directed by Kat Perhach
Produced by Kat Perhach and Jim Clevenger

Welcome to The Soap Box Theatre! We invite you to leave your cares at the door, sit back and watch the creation of an unorthodox Christmas Carol…Dickens with a twist!  A behind-the-scenes look of emotional divas, scandalous affairs, technical mishaps, lemon twisting warm-ups and a visit from Read More »

You Can’t Take It With You

You Can’t Take It With Youshowlogo-youcanttakeitwithyou

Directed by Connie Boyd
Produced by Jo Rubin

Kaufman and Hart’s wildly whacky Pulitzer Prize-winning play You Can’t Take It With You opened in 1936. It was an immediate success. The country was recovering from the Depression and everyone needed a Read More »

The Pajama Game

The Pajama Game

Directed by Deborah Zimmer
Produced by Brenda Townsend

Growing up in the 1950s, I have fond memories of a childhood that felt safe and secure. “The Good Old Days” may sound corny and cliché, but a trip back to simpler times occasionally can… Read More »