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The Miracle Worker

The Miracle Worker
Directed by Jim Clevenger
Produced by Gretchen Pili

The dictionary defines “miracle” as “a superb or surpassing example of something; wonder; marvel.” That definition certainly describes the story of the initial encounter between Annie Sullivan and Helen Keller. That story – of how a young woman with no formal training managed in a few short weeks to…break through the wall of silence that surrounded Helen and give her the world – is so wonderful, so marvelous, that if it weren’t true it would scarcely be believable.

I was drawn to this play because it has great emotional power over me. I had seen the original movie, with its unforgettable Oscar-winning performances by Anne Bancroft and Patti Duke, many years ago. When I watched it again a year or so ago, the final scene brought tears to my eyes – as it does every time I even picture it in my mind. If you should happen to find yourself having a similar reaction as you watch today’s performance, good for you: you still believe in miracles.