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Directed by Dirk Jasperse
Produced by Jim Clevenger

Playwright Julian Wiles calls Fruitcakes “a celebration of small-town life”. It certainly is that. But there are deeper layers to the story than just the portrayal of interesting, eccentric, small-town characters. There is pain, struggle, and alienation. There is also…love, acceptance, and reconciliation.

Throughout the light, entertaining, comical story of Fruitcakes, we see expressions of undeserved, unconditional love, and salvation, of sorts, from our own stubbornness and blindness. My own Christian faith and the Biblical Christmas story are precious to me. I agreed to direct this play, in part, because I see something of the real Christmas story reflected in the lives of the characters in Mc Cord’s Ferry.

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  • To- Judy Conlon Patio Playhouse

    Judy – Footlighters Theater of Berwyn PA is producing Fruitcakes as the 2015 Christmas show. I would like the opportunity to ask you questions regarding your concept of the production design etc. Would you make contact with me if you are willing to open a dialog to your production.
    Carl Lotz
    President Footlighters Theater
    cell 610-636-9629