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Directed by James Alburger
Produced by Jim Clevenger & Connie Boyd

The story takes place during an idyllic afternoon in the summer of 1953 at the Hines cabin in the Poconos. It’s a summer of romantic entanglements which intertwine nine characters.

Burt Hines, a recovering workaholic, is anticipating a… visit from his ex-wife Annie, whom he still loves. 

Josie, Burt’s daughter, has just broken off her engagement to a Harvard Law student, Ken, and secretly wishes to reunite with his buddy Ray, with whom she had a brief fling the previous summer.

Clemma, who narrates the story, dreads a visit from Lewis, the husband who left her seven years earlier. 

Sammii, a model with a less-than-brilliant intellect shows up with Ray, and Vinnie, a young Miami gangster, shows up with a gift for Josie. All in all not your typical afternoon in the Poconos.