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Auditions: Becky Shaw

By Gina Gionfriddo

Directed by Samantha Goldstein
Produced by Grant Gelvin

Audition Dates & Times: Monday March 23 & Tuesday March 24, 7-9pm
The director asks that you plan to be at auditions from 7pm to 9pm.
Callbacks (if necessary): Thursday, March 26, 7pm
Audition Venue: 116 S Kalmia St, Escondido, CA 92025
Between Vinz Wine Bar and Continental Deli

Performances: June 5-28, 2015; Fri & Sat, 8:00pm; Sun 2:00pm
Venue: 116 S Kalmia Street, Escondido, CA 92025
Between Vinz Wine Bar and Continental Deli


Synopsis: In-your-face, anti-romantic dramedy about a well-intentioned blind date gone horribly wrong. Newlyweds Andrew and Susanna fix up Max and Becky whose encounter creates crisis, chaos and comedy as the plot twists, turns and surges revealing the dark side of dating. Ferociously funny and touching at the same time, this Pulitzer Prize finalist asks what we owe the people we love and the strangers who land on our doorstep. Written by Law & Order and House of Cards writer-producer Gina Gionfriddo. A smash hit in its New York run.

WARNING: Mature subject matter with strong language.

Role Descriptions: 

Suzanna Slater – mid-30s, graduate student in psychology, she misses her recently deceased father, worries about her mother’s health, and is reeling from her family’s sudden bankruptcy. She leans on Max, but meets and marries Andrew very quickly.

Max Garrett – mid-30s, a successful money manager who lost his parents early and grew up as Suzanna’s de facto brother. He can be blunt and brutal and doesn’t suffer fools gladly, but he’s also a problem solver. He has intimacy issues and grudgingly agrees to a blind date with Becky, mostly as a favor to Suzanna, for whom he has complicated feelings.

Andrew Porter – a little younger than Suzanna and Max, he’s currently an office manager but wants to go back to being a writer and barista. He has a soft heart and a tendency to seek out needy women, but he’s not deluded about it.

Becky Shaw – mid-30’s, she’s a co-worker of Andrew’s. She was probably voted “Most Likely To Succeed” in high school, and then…didn’t. She dropped out of Brown, is alienated from her family and friends, and struggles financially. She’s a little nervous and “delicate,” but determined to turn her life around somehow, possibly with a relationship.

Susan Slater – Suzanna (and Max’s) mom, she has MS and lives with a young “slacker” filmmaker, Lester, who is never seen. Despite her physical challenges, she is sharp and clear-eyed about how the world works, and quite domineering with her family.

Auditions will consist of cold readings from these sides.