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An Evening with Irving M. “King” Kong

By Steven J. Conners

Performance: November 30, 2014; Sunday 7:00pm
Venue: 116 S Kalmia Street, Escondido, CA 92025

Synopsis: This new one-man show written by Steven J. Conners will star actor, Adam Sheldon, as 80 year old living legend, Irving M. Kong. It's a nostalgic and humorous collection of outspoken recollections and anecdotes from a lovable eccentric curmudgeon who claims to be the actor who played King Kong in the film. “I’m the live one, not one of those little puppets!” he says.

Because of luck Irving was cast to perform in one of the most thrilling and innovative films of the 20th Century. He tells us his life story from the beginning. How he was born out of a mixed marriage, the back-story of his strange parents, and how as a teenager, he landed the role of that famous ape. We’ll learn how he was blackballed at RKO Pictures and every studio in Hollywood, and the many jobs he was forced to take during the Great Depression just to stay in show business.

We’ll hear how he rose to prominence and starred in his own radio program, his front-line performances for the troops in WWII, and how the film industry betrayed him again. Irving recounts his life after Hollywood and his appearances in the Borscht Belt hotels and his nightclub tour and how an unexpected windfall gave him a new direction for his life. He tells of his marriage, his children, his family, his friends and his continuing love for entertaining and how he plans to carry on well past his 100th birthday.

Do apes talk? What does he sound like? “I have no idea. I’m not an ape! But I was the star of that picture!” says Mr. Kong.

Tickets are $5.99 at the door, but if you bring a banana they are only $4.99 (uneaten bananas donated to charity).