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Man of La Mancha

Man of La Mancha

Directed by Fred Tracey

A review of this show’s history reveals that its roots extend back to tumultuous times in this country: the assassination of John F. Kennedy two years to the day before its opening, and war during the sixties. Just like then, we look for someone like Don Quixote to reveal the qualities we look for in each other – nobility, a compassionate spirit, chivalry, and idealism that blazes through what seems to be impossible or improbable.

For me, this show is the most noble of all musicals, and “The Impossible Dream” the greatest anthem of musical theater. My wish is for you to leave any cynicism at the door, and for the time you are here to really believe that Don Quixote does exist – in all of us. And afterwards, you leave with his spirit, because only then will your heart lie peaceful and calm.

Enjoy the show!