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Staged Reading

Patio Playhouse is proud to present the
first in a series of Staged Readings/Workshop Productions that can be free to
Season Ticket holders:

what it means to be freezing

by Carol Cabrera (local playwright)

One night only: Sunday August 7th at 7pm

Tickets $10 at the Patio Mainstage on
Kalmia Street

what it means to be freezing
is a play about two things: 1. The sheer desire to understand yourself and 2.
The importance of being able to love who you are. It is a play about the
secrets, the past, the tragedies that stand in the way of these two things that
should be so simple. It is a play about family, honesty, tragedy, hope,
weather, individuality, love.

Carol Cabrera is a poet, playwright
and director. She holds two degrees from University of California San Diego: a
theatre degree with an emphasis in directing and a literature/writing degree
with an emphasis in playwriting. She taught playwriting for two years with the
California Playwright’s Project, advocating for literacy through art and
theatre. She worked as the Director of the Social Action Theatre Troupe in the
Center for Communication and Leadership at UCSD for two consecutive years. She
has studied theatre in over 7 different countries including Egypt, Turkey,
Spain, Italy and Morocco. She is currently an 11th grade English Language Arts
in El Dorado, Arkansas.