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Directed by Mary Bright & Richard Brousil
Produced by Brenda Townsend

Godspell is one of the biggest off-Broadway and Broadway successes of all time. Featuring a sparkling score by Stephen Schwartz (Wicked), Godspell boasts a string of well-loved songs, led by the international hit…“Day By Day.” As the cast performs “Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord,” “Learn Your Lessons Well,” “All For The Best,” “All Good Gifts,” “Turn Back, O Man” and “By My Side,” the parables of Jesus Christ come humanly and hearteningly to life.

Drawing from various theatrical traditions, such as clowning, pantomime, charades, acrobatics and vaudeville, Godspell is a groundbreaking and unique reflection on the life of Jesus, with a message of kindness, tolerance and love.

This classic musical brings The Gospel according to St. Matthew to life in a way that has both thrilled and inspired millions. Performed under the stars with live music, including a full choir.

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