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Auditions: Sheila

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Patio Playhouse proudly presents
a Grand Facade Theatre production

Sheila: A New Rock Musical

Director – Geoffrey A. Cox
Music Director – Charles Jirkovsky
Choreographer – Candace L. Carbajal

Sheila is an original musical comedy making its world premiere this summer at Escondido’s Patio Playhouse.

Audition Times and Locations

    • FRIDAY, May 11, 7-10p House of Prayer Lutheran Church
      795 North Rose St.


    • SATURDAY, May 12, 1-4p El Nopal Mexican Restaurant
      126 Kalmia St (Next door to Patio Playhouse)


  • SUNDAY, May 13, Callbacks 2-4p Patio Playhouse

Callbacks will consist of a cold reading from the script, choreography, and learning a song from the show. Please wear comfortable attire to move in. Rehearsals may be held at an additional location in central San Diego.

Please email kelsey@sheilamusical.com to set up an audition. Include your name, voice type, phone number, and which day you will be attending. Auditions will take place in the order that people arrive.

Please be prepared to sing 1 minute of a rock song. Have either an instrumental CD with no vocals or bring sheet music in the correct key (an accompanist will be provided). Please bring a headshot and resume.

We will be casting 9 principal characters (6 men, 3 women), 10 ensemble members, and one adult role (possibly some additional casting at the director’s discretion). Due to strong language and adult situations, we require that all auditioning actors be 18+.

Rehearsals will begin the 2nd week of June with the shows July 20, 21, 22, 27, 28, 29, August 3, 4, 5.


SHEILA – (Mezzo-Soprano with high belt) SHEILA is the most beautiful, most desired, and most acquired girl in high school. She has learned over time that she can use sex appeal to get anything she wants. (Range: G#3-G5)

BRIAN – (Tenor) BRIAN is a slightly neurotic senior in high school and has silently been in love with SHEILA for as long as he can remember. Mix those feeling with the hormone-fueled sex drive of an awkward, yet endearing teenager and you have BRIAN. (Range: B2-B4)

STEPHEN – (Rock Tenor) STEPHEN is a high school senior and BRIAN’s cool best friend, with swag to spare. STEPHEN is forced to choose between his friends that have always been there him and what he thinks his heart wants. (Range: C3-C5)

TOM – (Tenor) TOM is the head jock and big man on campus. He also happens to be dating the most popular girl in school, SHEILA. Unbeknownst to him, so is everyone else. (Range: G2-G4)

KELLY – (Mezzo-Soprano w/ high belt) KELLY is sweet, good-hearted, and SHEILA’s right hand woman. Kelly struggles with the perks that come with popularity and the costs that come with it. (Range: E3-A5)

JAMES – (2nd Tenor) JAMES is a close friend of BRIAN and STEPHEN and often the butt of their jokes. JAMES goes through the show hiding a huge “infectious” secret. Slightly effeminate. (Range: E3-F#4)

KRISTA – (Soprano w/ Belt) KRISTA is the catty, sarcastic, bitchy side of the SHEILA-KELLY-KRISTA triangle and has a long-standing grudge with STEPHEN which none of the other characters understand. (Range: G3-F#4)

CURTIS – (2nd Tenor) CURTIS is TOM’s right hand man. CURTIS understands that he can manipulate TOM to his advantage. He has secretly been hooking up with SHEILA behind TOM’s back. Comical thug. (Range: E3-G4)

DAVID – (Baritone) Another friend of TOM. DAVID is also hooking up with SHEILA. Comical thug. (Range: B2-E4)

Songs from the show available for listening at Reverbnation.com/SheilaMusical