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An Ideal Husband


It’s all out war of the sexes and all out comedy in AN IDEAL HUSBAND, Oscar Wilde’s brilliant exploration of past indiscretions and their political and romantic consequences. When Sir Robert and his inflexible wife Lady Chiltern host a dinner party, an old schoolgirl enemy of the hostess, Mrs. Chevely, tries to blackmail Sir Robert for secret dealings at the start of his career. Lord Goring’s attempts to sort things out and wed Mabel become muddled when it’s revealed that he is the former fiancé of Lady Chiltern. A suspicious letter creates more confusion – is it blackmail or love? More intrigue, more blackmail, more romance, and more comedy ensue!

Media Release #1 – Feature Story on Three Major Female Roles

Media Release #2 – The Director’s Viewpoint

Media Release #3 – Spotlighting the Male Roles