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The Music Man

showlogo-music-manby Meredith Wilson

Directed by Evelyn Lamden & Richard Brousil
Choreography by Evelyn Lamden
Produced by Brenda Townsend

Performance Dates: August 3-25, 2012
Location: Kit Carson Park Amphitheatre
Map to the Amphitheatre

Con man Harold Hill poses as a boys’ bandleader to scam the good people of River City. But when he meets Marian the librarian, it’s she who calls the tune. She’s the one he wants, but she only wants him to leave town. Romance blooms when Harold helps Marian’s little brother, Winthrop, overcome his fear of public speaking. With Marian at his side, Harold tries to convince the town that he’s a changed man and legitimate band leader.

One of the best loved family-friendly plays of the twentieth century, THE MUSIC MAN, overflows with familiar songs, like Seventy Six Trombones, Till There Was You, Goodnight Ladies, Gary, Indiana, and Goodnight My Someone.


Cast List

Professor Harold Hill – Bob Himlin
Marian Paroo– Shelly Yeager
Marcellus Washburn – J.R. Reynolds
Mayor George Shinn – David Guthrie
Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn– Cathy Himlin
Mrs. Paroo – Heidi Breuer
Winthrop Paroo – Keely Yeager, David Voorcamp
Tommy Djilas – Josh Meihaus
Zaneeta Shinn – Michaela Summers
Omarie Djilas – Shelby Grasser
Charlie Cowell – Brad Carson
Amaryllis – Abby Grasser, Julia Dawson
Gracie Shinn – Madeline Ernst, Anya Ernst

The School Board (Barbershop Quartet)
Tenor: Jordon Malbrough and David Garstang
Lead: Steve Wade
Bass: Billy Tam
Baritone: Rick Benito

Pickalittle Ladies
Ellen Cooper, Brenda Johnson, Deb Wolfe, Connie Fischl

River City Townspeople (Newspaper Readers, Constable Locke, Conductor, Traveling Salesmen)
Scott Lopez, Hannah Henson, Jennifer Woodmansee, Katie Burlington,
Gina Marie,
Julio C. Mas, Val Kireyko, Janet Gamble

River CityKids
Hayden Steiner, Nathaniel Gabbard, Owen Steiner, Emma Steiner, Danielle Dawson, Isabella Howell, Kathryn Dawson, Amanda Abler, Madison Wright, Annabelle Noland, Veronika Kireyko, Nadia Kireyko, Thomas Voorcamp


Christian Tordahl Conductor
Emily Awkerman Piano
Dan Townsend Percussion
Steve Yee 1st Trumpet
Ken Carstens 2nd Trumpet
Tom Spethmann/Tom Higdon 3rd Trumpet
Bill Oakes 1st Trombone
Jack Sailer 2nd Trombone
Joshua Noland 3rd Trombone
Marcia Yee 1st Violin
Priscilla Norris Cello
Kathy Wellbrock Flute
Sabrina Ingalls 1st Clarinet
Taylor Ingalls 2nd Clarinet
Bill Lamden Reeds, Clarinet, Piccolo
Tim Knorr Bass

2 comments to The Music Man

  • mwoods@powayusd.com

    Hi, All.

    It was SO fun to be amongst you again last week. Every time I audition, I remember that I’ve forgotten how much I like working with other “theater-types.”

    I’m sorry to bug you, but I was having such a good time on Sunday that I failed to ask the date by which you expect to have the cast announced.

    Would you be so kind as to inform me? Thanks so much.
    Hoping to see you soon.


  • Emily

    Absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the promo video!! Great job guys!!