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Auditions for Little Women



Due to an overwhelming audition request response, the director of our upcoming show, Little Women, has decided to DOUBLE CAST the roles of AMY, JO, BETH and MEG! The double cast will be a YOUTH PRODUCTION. The youth will perform Thursday nights and Saturday Matinee (6 performances). They will be mentored by the adults. The adults will perform Friday  and Saturday nights and Sunday Matinee. The youth cast is open for girls from 8-20. HOWEVER, a youth can still be cast in the adult production for the role of Amy or Beth. Great learning opportunity for aspiring actresses!

For any questions please email the director at pjanbey@gmail.com!

Directed by: PJ Anbey
Produced by: Peggy Schneider

The story of Little Women, Louisa M. Alcott’s famous novel, is so well known and so well loved that it is hardly surprising that many attempts have been made to portray its characters upon the stage. None has yet been so successful, however, as this brilliant dramatization by Peter Clapham. The structure of the play faithfully covers that of the novel, interweaving the lives of the March girls, Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy and Laurie, the boy next door, as they grow up happily together, yet the action is contained neatly in one set. All the overtones of gaiety and the undertones of sadness are here, bringing the story completely to life in a way which is both accurate and dramatically satisfying.


We will be casting the show blindly. All ages (8 and up) and races are encouraged to audition.

4M, 7W Characters include:

(F) Jo March- an authoress.

(F) Meg March- romantic governess.

(F) Beth March- shy, quiet. Becomes very ill.

(F) Amy March- youngest sister

(F) Marmee (30’s-40’s) The March Sister’s Mother

(F) Hannah (50’s and older) loving housekeeper

(F) Aunt March (50s and older)- a wealthy tyrant (with a secret heart of gold)

(M) Laurie Lawrence- (16 and up) the boy next door

(M) John Brooke (16 and up) Laurie’s tutor. Meg’s love interest.

(M) Mr. Lawrence (50’s and older) Laurie’s grandfather

(M) Mr. March (30’s and older) The March sister’s Father

Please email your HEADSHOT and RESUME to: littlewomenpp@gmail.com to secure an AUDITION APPOINTMENT.

Auditions will consist of a one minute monologue. Callbacks will be cold readings from the script. The show will run December 2nd through the 18th at Patio Playhouse

Show and auditions will take place at Patio Playhouse: 201 E. Grand Ave. Suite 1D, Escondido 92025

We look forward to your audition!!!

Questions? Please call the theatre at (760) 746-6669 or email the director at littlewomenpp@gmail.com

Be sure to visit our website: www.patioplayhouse.org and check out Patio Playhouse on Facebook!

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