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Lost and Found


Lost and Found

Directed by Mary Evert and Anna Warrick
Produced by Brenda Townsend

Performance Dates: April 13-22, 2012

This engaging musical retelling of the biblical parable of The Prodigal Son explores the priceless relationships within a family revealing…the unrelenting love and forgiveness of fathers towards their children.

Because of Juda’s rebellious behavior, he is forced on a rough journey in search of happiness. After taking his inheritance and leaving his family with bitter words, he travels to a distant country where he squanders his money on dissolute living.

After some desperate hardship, Juda decides to return home in hope his father will hire him as a servant. But as soon as Juda comes into view, Papa becomes overjoyed to see his “lost” son and runs to embrace him. Papa plans a lavish feast in celebration of Juda’s return.

The older brother, David, becomes angry at the father’s readiness to forgive the younger son after all the pain he caused the family. But the message of the story is about the Fathers unrelenting love and forgiveness toward his children, and the priceless relationship within a family.

We can find a little of each character in all of us!

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1 comment to Lost and Found

  • Donielle Winter

    I still think back on this show. It was one of my favorite shows Christian has had the privilege of performing in. He just finished his final youth production before heading off to college this fall, and of the nearly 30 shows he’s performed in since the age of 7, this one ranks among the most impacting & memorable. Thank you for the opportunity Patio.