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William Shakespeare’s Lear

Directed by Steve Murdock
Produced by Gretchen Pili & Geoffrey A. Cox

Performance Dates: June 1-24, 2012

Lear is a tragic tale of family conflict, personal transformation, and loss. The aging Queen of Britain determines to split her domain evenly between her three daughters. In the process she foolishly…alienates her only truly devoted daughter and realizes too late the true nature of the other two. Shakespeare’s careful crafting of the characters clearly defines their human natures as being good or evil.

WARNING: This production contains adult themes and graphic violence and may not be suitable for children.

1 comment to William Shakespeare’s Lear

  • JoHanna Simko

    Hi Steve (Lisa Davis referred me:),
    I teach English and Theatre at High Tech High Chula Vista. Our current project is a production of Act 3 scene 7 of Lear. We would love to attend your performance and or wanted to see if we could observe any of the production process. Most of my students are complete amateurs so any exposure to theatre would be really powerful for them. Do you give reduced rates for student groups (there could be anywhere from 25-52 of us attend)? Could we possibly watch a dress rehearsal?
    Thank you so much for your consideration, JoHanna Simko