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The Nerd

The Nerd

Directed by Rob Wolter
Produced by Kelli Harless

Performance Dates: March 2-25, 2012

In this Larry Shue comedy, Willum, an aspiring young architect, has often told his friends about the debt he owes to Rick, a fellow ex-GI who he has never met, but who saved his life in Vietnam. Willum is delighted when Rick shows up at his house the night of his 34th birthday party. However… his delight soon fades as it becomes apparent that Rick is a hopeless nerd with no social sense and even less tact.

Cast List

                             Willum Cubbert… Christian Wright
                             Tansy McGinnis… Krysti Litt
                              Axel Hammond… Ian Boyd
                       Warnock Waldgrave… J. J. Rowley
                            Clelia Waldgrave… P. J. Anbey
                             Thor Waldgrave… Blake Kerzie
                              Rick Steadman… David Guthrie


8 comments to The Nerd

  • Caitlin Hudson

    when will auditions be?

  • Anonymous

    go blake

  • Gina Kerzie


  • vfrgurrl@yahoo.com

    Having just come back from seeing The Nerd for the first time, may I say that I didn’t expect such a level of professional action from the actors and staff. Not only was the setting a pleasant experience, but it was fun and surprising at the same time. I wish I could tell you which actor/actress was the best but that would be impossible. Christian Wright was incredibly believable and honest in his portrayal of Willum. Ian Boyd’s delivery was spot perfect, and his emotes and expressions made it difficult for me as I was constantly trying to keep an eye on him and yet pay attention to the others on stage. JJ Rowley and PJ Anbey as Mr and Mrs Waldgrave stole my heart with their antics, while young Blake Kerzie as their son Thor remained fresh and unaffected. And of course, David Guthrie as Rick Steadman gave a performance worthy of any stage. The small affections and mannerisms that comprised the role were carried out with a naturalness that many wish they could attain. I recommend this to any and all who want to have the perfect laughfest!

  • vfrgurrl@yahoo.com

    Despite a malfunction of the copy/paste key, I also would like to include my comment that Kristi Litt as Tansy McGinnis created an energy onstage that was a pleasure to see. She has a deft feeling for the comedic response and became the perfect foil for the jokes and innuendos as they rolled across the stage. I cannot wait to see her in a dramatic role. Run, don’t walk, as this run is ending on March 25th, 2012.

  • Kelli

    This is such a fun show and the work being done onstage is great entertainment! I have thoroughly enjoyed each actors performance in different ways. Truly ‘the play is the thing…” and this cast certainly can play!

  • Anonymous

    i loved the nerd. it was so funny.all of them did really well. but thor(Blake Kerzie)was funny. i wish he never left.

  • Blake Kerzie

    the nerd was a really fun show.i miss evryone.i wish we could do it again. it was a verry diffrent experienc by acting with all of the adults.but i say great job to rob the derictor for making it happen