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The Third Wave


A Patio Playhouse Youth Theater Production

By Joseph Robinette and Ron Jones

Directed by Geoffrey A. Cox
Produced by Peggy Schneider

March 31-April 15, 2017; Fri & Sat, 7:00 pm; Sun 2:00 pm (also Sat, April 15, @ 2:00 pm)

At Patio Playhouse in downtown Escondido 116 S Kalmia Street, Escondido, CA 92025
Between Vinz Wine Bar and Continental Deli

A chilling true story about a high-school experiment that went out of control. Set in 1967, the play centers on a young, popular teacher who tries to demonstrate the roots of fascism by giving his students an exercise in discipline not unlike that of a totalitarian society. Shockingly, the students delight in the order and power of that discipline, and relinquish their freedom in favor of their supposed "superiority" over other students in the school. The class adopts the name "The Third Wave," and soon many others, even from neighboring schools, clamor to be part of the "elite" group.

Contains strong dramatic themes that may not be suitable for younger children.

Cast List

Molly Abrom...Eve
Moises Alvarenga...Fred
Scott Bedford...Robert
Audrey Cone...Toni
Kenny Cone...Danny
Nathan Cone...Norman
Ralph Cone...Marcus
Rayne Gonzalez...Jean
Josh Henson...Doug
Lee Howeth...The Man
Raul Kohl...Mr. Jones
Laurissa Rudgers...Mrs. Jones
Belle Morelock...Brenda
Alanah Pascal...Alicia
Kateri Reape...GG
Carley Rhinehart...Alene
Izaiah Rhinehart...EZC
Wyatt Rhinehart...Bomber
Ali Rohrbaugh...Wendy
Jazmin Sanchez...Maria
Paige Townsend...Teri
Amara Young...Deshay

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Ticket Prices: $12 Adult, $8 up to age 16

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